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The Mission

WPGetStarted Website's mission is to help 900 aspiring bloggers, business owners and hands-on online entrepreneurs to build a website using simple software and plugins that are not complicated and requires a minimum learning curve.

The Vision

WPGetStarted Website's vision is to become the number 1 resource for promoting simple software and plugins for building effective wordpress websites that is not difficult to use.

The Founder's Story

I’ve been pivoting for more than 3 months now and I just can’t get my wordpress website to look and work the way I want it…

Completing my home page is becoming really annoying, most of my time is wasted creating support tickets to answer my questions.

I keep on giving screenshots after screenshots and creating login details for their support team, it's supposed to be easy and fast when they introduced their software’s sales pages…

...but, it wasn’t...

Fonts are difficult to change, pages can’t be saved and even updates and their support team can’t help me figure out what is wrong with this theme or the page builder.

I have this XXX page builder that I’ve been trying to use and trying to learn almost everyday of the week and it’s really becoming one of those purchases that I would truly regret doing.

I’ve been searching and buying wordpress themes and page builders almost every day (well, more like every month) just to figure out the best software that I can use for my building my wordpress website.

I know there are free page builders and free themes you can search directly inside wordpress but I thought to myself free plugins aren’t that good and I believed that if a software has a price tag on it then it must be better than the free software ...

And most of the time I just end up buying software that is either not feature rich or just too complicated. Worse is I always forget that there is a refund period or it’s just me being reluctant to ask for a refund.

It was a really big headache going through this scenario and trying to learn how the software works every day of the night.

Frustrated and feeling dumb for wasting my time especially money with software that I thought could make it a lot easier for me to build my site.

I’ve decided to try to search for the free page builders and free themes through google and inside wordpress.

Then I found Astra and Beaver Builder, which are free - I went ahead and started uninstalling software I bought previously (8 software uninstalled)

I then Installed a free theme Astra and a free page builder Beaver Builder - I just decided to give it a try, give some time to learn the new page builder and the theme by going thru some tutorials online.

I recalled wasting more than 6 months of my time with XXX page builders and almost gave up with creating my websites, so after just a few hours of learning some key features of the free softwares- I was ready to go to work and start building some pages on my wordpress website.

After a few minutes - I was really impressed, there was no conflict with the free theme, the page builder is working really well. I think I’ve finally found a theme and page builder for my wordpress website.


Just 2 Days of testing and learning more about the Beaver Builder lite version and free Astra theme I was convinced that this software is amazing

….and  I immediately thought to myself, what other features I can utilize by having the premium versions of this software.

There I was again, when will I ever learn...The “free” software works so just stick to it - that was my practical brain whispering inside my head

The feeling of being a dumb ass by buying another software is frustrating me...I don’t want to make this my nth mistake again.

I have to make sure that this software can really be the one that can finally make me build my wordpress website.

I’ll surely ask for a refund this time - got my card out of my wallet…

...clicked the buy button and just finished the checkout.

Yep! I just made the decision to buy a software again...

...and It was the best decision I’ve made, the Beaver Builder is very user-friendly and can do a lot more.

And Astra theme helps make my wordpress website look clean and professional.

After going through some more quick tutorials…

I am now able to build websites faster and build wordpress website that looks beautiful and effective for different purposes like having a blog and an online business.

A big headache is gone and I’m very satisfied with the results this page builder is giving me right now.

I made this website to share with you effective software or plugins that actually works.

If you're just starting to learn how to buy your first domain, get an amazing hosting provider and learn how to install wordpress.

Read "How To Setup WordPress Website for Beginners" now!

Thank You and WPGetStarted is here to help,

gary wpgetstarted

Gary, WPGetStarted.com

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