The Best WP-Website Setup:How To Do WordPress Setup For Beginners

wordpress setup
Great, you’ve arrived…:)

You’re about to find out that there is no such thing as a “techie” problem.

It’s all about getting rid of e_ _ _ _ e _!

This wordpress setup tutorial is made for beginners only.

Although, this is great if you wish to have a quick guide…

…and if you forgot all the essential steps in doing a wordpress setup.

Bookmark or read this guide for your own convenience.

(Note: download your wp-website essential steps here)

If you look at the 5 essential steps, you’ll learn how to start and install a wordpress website.

At the end of this guide, you’ll be learning to install wordpress. You’ll also be able to customize your wordpress website on your own.

Sounds Good?

Ok…Some fair warning this tutorial is not meant to be consumed in one sitting, you can skip and finish at your own pace.

Here’s the lists of the essential steps we are going to cover;

(Click here to skip to WP-Dashboard Quick Reference Guide)

Essential Step # 1: Select Niche

Essential Step # 2: Search Keyword

Essential Step # 3: Register Domain

Essential Step # 4: Domain Hosting

Essential Step # 5: Install WordPress

The very first step you need and the one you should be clear about is your niche.

wordpress setup

Essential Step # 1: Select Niche

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This is important when you’re just starting…

I know, this is a big struggle.

I identify with you because I’ve dealt with this during my first year creating my blog website.

It’s very important to have a strong foundation when you’re starting your own blog website…

And like you, I’ve been looking for experts who can teach me where and how to choose my niche or topic!

And guess what?! I’ve found one, and it’s free!

But before I give you the link to this free awesome course, I want to share this important point I’ve learned from this course…
wordpress setup

I love this message and the interpretation below;

“The only way you are going to get around to creating your business is by making the time to do it. Business building doesn’t happen by mistake.”

I suspect that you are setting up not just a blog, but a business.

I consider this will help you get started if just in case you’ll get distracted and won’t be able to finish this step-by-step guide.

At least, try to take this free course and you’re on a good start… πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: I’m not in any form partnered with this course.The course served me to be able to choose my niche, and it’s significant to lead with a niche you think you can be of service to your audience.

Now, I see this may take some of your time…

…and you might have determined your niche.

If you did… that’s awesome! Bravo!

If you prefer to know what I consider is the essential gist of the course above.

Here is what you require to determine your niche and be definite on what will be your topic;

  • What Are The Things You Know?

    Write it all down on a piece of paper or open up a word document and type it on your laptop or computer everything you know.
    Set up a timer for at least 10 minutes.

  • What Topic Are You Curious About?

    Again, write it all down on a piece of paper or type it on your laptop or computer.

    Set up a timer for at least 10 minutes.

  • What Others Close To You See In You?

    In this exercise, you’re about to ask someone who is close to you about this specific questions;

    • What’s a skill that you see that I have?
    • If I could teach you (or someone you know) to do something, what would it be?
    • What’s a personality trait that I have that would be cool to see replicated in others?
    • What’s something complex that I do, that appears to be easy for me?
    • What do you think my greatest strength is?
  • What Is Your Niche?

    It’s now or never, now is the time to grade them  from 1-10 and 10 being the highest.

    You’ll grade them related to this questions;

    Question #1: What is your personal excitement level with the topic?

    Question #2: Can you genuinely help people with this topic?

    Question #3: What is your confidence level that you can make money in the industry?

    Now, select the niche that came up with the highest grade.

    Don’t take too long to choose your niche but remember this will be the foundation of your blog and your business.

This course helped me a lot and my purpose is to get you set up the right way.

If you have the chance to pick up the full course which will get you less than 45 minutes, thus go through it below.

Decide Already Free Course

Starting The Right Foundation For Your Blog by Selecting The Right Niche

Click here to access Your Free Course

The next step is doing a keyword research for the niche you’ve selected.

wordpress setup

Essential Step # 2: Search Keyword

(click here to go back to the lists of essential steps)

It’s important to recognize which keyword you need your website to rank for.

You should search for keywords that are related to your niche.

So if the term “keyword” is brand new to you, I will seek to share a little bit about it.

As I was exposed to keyword research I’ve used two tools that are helpful for keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner, and a software called SerpStat.

In SerpStat, I agree with their explanation of keyword.

Anything that a user enters into a search bar of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon or any other search engine is called a keyword. 

Two important things why you need to know about Keywords is that;

  • As a user, you’ll know how to find what you’re looking for and how to tell the difference between good and bad content.
  • As a website owner, you’ll learn how other websites became so popular and what you can do to compete with those websites.

The purpose of the keyword is to bridge communication between the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. and your wordpress website.

wordpress setup

Ok, so maybe you are wondering, what does Keyword Research mean?

Well, you can use keyword research to gather data about this three things;

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – average price paid by advertisers who promote websites in AdWords using a given keyword,
  • Search Volume β€“ The number of times a keyword is used monthly to perform a search.
  • A level of Competition β€“ the more domains that rank for a keyword, the higher its level of competition is.

Want To Learn More About Keyword Research?

Enroll in SerpStat Academy for Free

Create Your Free Account Now

As I’ve browsed and learned more about keyword research in SerpStat Academy…

Here are the 5 things you can do with keyword research;

  1. Learn how people use search engines
  2. Find out what keywords bring the most traffic to any domain
  3. Find keywords in order to optimize your content for search engines
  4. Find content ideas based on audience interests and trends
  5. Create a strategy for SEO


Now, if you want to see how this works. There is a youtube video you can watch below.

wordpress setup

As highlighted above, keyword research is essential part of creating a successful website.

I suggest you watch the video while opening SerpStat in another tab.

If you’re done…You’re awesome!

All right, we’ve covered a lot of stuff here.

Once you’re done with your website’s keyword then you’re ready for the next step.

Also, it’s time to celebrate… I believe in small wins, and this is one of them..

A nice well-deserved break or just have a tea or coffee will do…:)

Are you done?!

Excellent, the heavy lifting is done. Wooohooo!

The fun stuff is about to start! πŸ™‚

This next step is easy, it’s time to register your domain name.

wordpress setup

Essential Step # 3: Register Domain

(click here to go back to the lists of essential steps)

You’re ready to register your first domain.

Woohooo! You’re doing fantastic!

Registering a domain name will cost you around $14/year. (I want to share a tip later on how you can get a low price for your domain)

Ok, so I use GoDaddy to register my domain names.

Just type in your browser and once there you can type your domain name consist of some of your targeted keywords, only if you can (don’t force it if you can’t).

wordpress setup

As you can see above, I’ve written WOOOOHOOOO as my preferred domain name and GoDaddy will inform me if it’s taken already or domain is available…

If you’re ok with your domain, click Add to Cart and then Continue to Cart.

Next, select plan…

wordpress setup

The options above are for your own preferences.

I’ve never used or purchased any of the addons before,and my websites seems to work just fine.

Proceed to the next section below;

wordpress setup

After progressing through the two sections above, you can now click “continue with these options” and register or sign in!

wordpress setup

Once you’ve registered or signed in, you’ll be able to complete your registration of your first domain.

Congratulations! This is a big step for you…

You’ve registered your domain name.

I promised you that there’s this little trick I’ve learned to get a cheap domain for as low as $0.99.

If it’s your first time purchasing a domain and registering…

Just go to Google and type “0.99 GoDaddy” and you’ll end up with different suggestions.

Choose the one with the link for a $0.99…Just like below;

wordpress setup

That’s it!

But before we go to the next step.

Keep your GoDaddy account open for a while…

wordpress setup

We will modify your DNS or Domain Name System (DNS) to your Host’s DNS.

DNS is a central part of the Internet, providing a way to match names (a website you’re seeking) to numbers (the address for the website).

Let’s get you hosted…:)

wordpress setup

Essential Step # 4: Domain Hosting

(click here to go back to the lists of essential steps)

It’s vital to have your website with an SSL certificate just like WPGetStarted.

It will benefit your website with the rankings and Google will compensate your website if you have an SSL in your URL.

Just like the screenshot below (it’s the https)…

wordpress setup

Before I tell you what hosting provider, I urge you work with one that has an outstanding support and with a Free SSL option. πŸ™‚

Just want to describe what does “domain hosting” mean in a simple analogy.

The most primary task a domain hosting acts is that it homes your registered domain name.

It keeps your files, it makes certain that your website is online or live…

It gives your registered domain name “life”.

Further, If you’ll host your own website, you must run your computer turned on all the time…

Otherwise, your website will turn offline…

So what does a domain hosting provider do? They have computers turned on to make sure your website is online and doesn’t go offline…

That’s a great thing, for example, if someone will browse your website and get’s an error like this…

wordpress setup

They’ll get alarmed and bounce off your website.

If they do that, you’ll lose your chance to engage them.

It’s impeccable to choose a domain hosting provider that will make sure that your website will remain online no matter the condition.

use Siteground for my website, and you can have a chat with them on their website right here.

Web Hosting

Here’s what you need to do;

(It will be a lot easier if you let Siteground’s support team handle your first domain hosting – just have a chat with them)

Then you’ll see this screen shot below;

Always remember to choose plans that will suit your needs in the long run.

And of course, now I will show you how it is done manually.

Here are the steps;

Go to Siteground and click web hosting

Then select “Shared Hosting”

Then choose which plan you want; (I recommend either choose $5.95/mo. or $11.95/mo.)

The next step, or step 2 in the process is to choose whether you have a domain or if you are going to register a new domain.

In the next screenshot below, I chose “register new domain”

…and here you’ll get notified if your domain name is available or not available.

Click proceed if you’re ok with the payment plan, etc…

In this last step, Step 3 will ask you for your account information, client information, payment information and your purchase information.

You just need to fill out the form fields to prepare your hosting account.

Enter your Account Information;

Enter your Client Information;

Enter your Payment Information;

Enter your Purchase Information;

Accept Terms of Service and Click Pay now;

Now you’re finished with your Domain Hosting. You’re Awesome! πŸ™‚

I guessed you may even have questions about the hosting provider…

…and I have a short chat with them with some of your typical questions below.

Get Your Siteground Domain Hosting

Unparalleled Amazing Technical Support 24/7

Click Here To Get Started

Check out our chat conversation with one of Siteground Senior Sales Representative.

I hope this will give you enough information to decide to go for SiteGround.

I’ve tried a different hosting provider before, I just had a bad experience with their customer support…

Good thing I found SiteGround, and am happy with my decision to switch from my previous Domain Host Provider.

Web Hosting

So what’s next?

It’s time to install your free wordpress website from your Domain Host’s CPanel (inside SiteGround).

(Note: You need to have your SiteGround account dashboard opened for a while)

wordpress setup

Essential Step # 5: Install WordPress

(click here to go back to the lists of essential steps)

You’ve hit the final step… πŸ™‚

Excellent work!

Like all the other steps, this is straightforward filling up details and just completing the essential steps.

Below screenshots shows you what to expect from this Essential Step # 5: Install WordPress.

WordPress is a widely used CMS (Content Management System) utilized by top websites like,,,,, facebooknewsroom, other popular celebrity websites like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg and many more…

And this is exactly what we are going to use.

(Note: wordpress. com is different from what we are going to show you, better have a look at the steps below)

Here are the steps for Installing WordPress by accessing your cPanel inside your SiteGround Account Dashboard:

Inside your SiteGround click  “My Accounts” tab.

wordpress setup

Inside your SiteGround My Accounts tab click “Go to cPanel”.

wordpress setup

A pop up will appear, just click “Proceed”

wordpress setup

You’ll see this screen;

wordpress setup

Scroll down to “Autoinstallers” and click “WordPress”;

wordpress setup

then choose protocol and choose your domain;

wordpress setup

In the “Site Settings”, you can choose to replicate the “site name” and “site description” below then change it after inside wordpress. Then fill out the fields for the “Admin Account” as well.

wordpress setup

And once more, fill out the required fields and click install to finish the installation.

(Note: Don’t forget to save your username and password)

wordpress setup

Hooray! You’re done…

Well, almost done.

Now, let’s access your domain registrar which in this case your GoDaddy account (I mentioned to keep it open) and also access your Doman Host SiteGround’s cPanel.

You need to connect or communicate your domain name to your new host – by changing the DNS of your Domain Registrar.

Otherwise, your website will be offline… πŸ™

Here are the steps below;

Inside your SiteGround cPanel, navigate to your “account information” and copy your “nameservers” mentioned.

See screenshot below;

wordpress setup

After copying your nameservers from SiteGround cPanel, go to your GoDaddy Account and Navigate to your Domain as shown below.

(Note: Make sure that you are changing the nameservers for the domain you want changed )

wordpress setup

Okay, that’s quick and easy…:)

Back to WordPress…

…After installing your wordpress website you’ll wait for at least 24hours of propagation time means your site isn’t live yet (but sometimes it will just take a couple of minutes to propagate) to be accessed.

So here’s how you can access your new installed wordpress website:

You need to type your url name and then include /wp-admin at the end of your url.

Which will look like these –  yoururl . com/wp-admin  (without the spaces)

See screenshot below;

wordpress setup

And well looks like we’re done here…:)

You have a working wordpress website, installed and propagated…

You can relax because you’ve done a lot…

(Note: you can bookmark this page to have it as your guide for your next wordpress website or for whatever purpose you want)

Here come the next steps and the most exciting part… πŸ™‚

It’s time to style, design and make your wordpress website beautiful and functional.

Now, to be honest, we’ll not go deep dive on the design subject because this tutorial has already reached more than 3,000 words…

But what I will do is show you another essential step and a quick reference guide to help you navigate wordpress dashboard.

wordpress setup

(Note: download your wp-dashboard quick reference guide here)

Here’s WP-Dashboard quick reference guide navigation lists;

WP Dashboard
WP Posts
WP Media
WP Pages
WP Appearance
WP Plugins
WP Users
WP Settings

Now that you can access your wordpress back end or wordpress dashboard (after propagation time)…

…you can now change your settings, editing your site name and site description adding pages, adding themes, etc…

Here is what the WordPress Dashboard look like;


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

wordpress setup

(Note: At the time of the creation of this tutorial wordpress version is 4.9)

Recognize that the wp-dashboard quick reference guide will be your operating reference if you need to change, add or customize your wordpress website.

Devote time to learn either the dashboard inside wordpress itself or the quick reference guide I constructed above.

Let me show you what to expect inside wordpress dashboard.

If you want to see a quick overview of your website, you can go click dashboard > then, click home

wordpress setup


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

When you’re starting to add your first blog posts, you need to click posts > then, click add new

One thing you should remember is that creating a post is the same as typing in a Microsoft word or any other word processing software…

wordpress setup

You’re going to see screenshot below once you click “add new “ in posts.

When you hit publish your post is going to be live.

wordpress setup


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

Before you can add some images or videos in your blog content or pages, you need to upload them inside your wordpress…

…to do that, you need to click media> then, add new.

wordpress setup


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

Pages is one of the most used feature of WordPress…this is where you build your about pages, your contact, your resource pages, etc… 

…as long as it’s a content you won’t change often.

To add pages, click pages > then, add new.

wordpress setup

The process is the same with creating a blog post in “Posts”, it’s like using a word processor.

Type your content and then hit publish when done.

See screenshot below;

wordpress setup


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

When it’s time to design or turn your ordinary wordpress website to a beautiful website, you can click appearance > then click themes.

You will later have option to add new theme, it’s always better to use a lightweight wordpress theme to speed up page loading of your website.

Better page loading better engagement with your wordpress website.

wordpress setup

Stylish, Lightning Fast & Easily Customizable

Free Download of Astra WordPress Theme
Click here to get your free download

If you want to have more customization with your free installed Astra Theme (you can download your free Astra Theme here)…

To customize you can go to click appearance > then, click customize

wordpress setup

(Note: checkout my recommended resources here)

This is what Astra Themes Customize look like;

wordpress setup

Here’s a section that will let you add widgets in your sidebar, footer and with Astra Theme – you can add a widget in your header.

Widgets is a small block that performs specific function, different plugins (will talk about plugins a little bit later)you’ll be installing on your wordpress website – will sometimes have accompanied widgets.

To access your widgets, click appearance> then, click widgets

wordpress setup

This section will talk about adding menus to your header (assuming you have created several pages like about pages, contact, etc…)

To be able to add menu, click appearance> then, click menus…

See screenshot below;

wordpress setup


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

To further enhance your website’s functionality- this is where you add some plugins…

It’s like the utility belt Batman uses in fighting crimes…

To add the specific plugin you just need to click plugins>then, add new –  after you can type the specific function you want your plugin to execute…

For example, you want a plugin that can do SEO, just type in the search box SEO and you’ll have several options to choose from.

wordpress setup

Important: I use a specific page builder to create all my website and I recommend using beaver builder as your only page builder…

…you can search for beaver builder lite version inside your plugins or click the image below to get the premium.

Get Beaver Builder Now!


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

Now, if you want to check out your profile details, adding username, changing your email address or adding a bio about yourself …

You can do so by clicking users> then, click your profile

wordpress setup


(click here to go back to navigation lists)

Remember I told you-you can change your site title and tagline inside your dashboard?

Here is where you can also add a “www” on your URL site…

Just click settings>then, click general…

wordpress setup

“Reading” – don’t forget about this, (coz I do…lol)

This is where you set the homepage you want for your website…

…it’s the static page (see step-by-step below)

You can set a page as a homepage and by default wordpress uses your latest posts as your homepage, which you can set as default or set your own…

I recommend setting a homepage for your wordpress website.

Just click settings>then, click reading…

wordpress setup

For the last part of this wp-dashboard quick reference guide, we’re going to look at your URL…

You need to set a URL that is readable, and the best practice is using permalinks settings of “post name”.

In order to change your URL, just click settings> then, click permalinks

wordpress setup

Wooooh, I hope I did not lose you in any of those steps…I’m sure I did- but that’s ok.

I did tell you that you don’t need to consume the whole tutorial in one sitting…

Bookmark this page and refer back to this as much as you possibly can.

Well, I hope I was able to help you in setting up your wordpress website…

And would really love to hear how you doing with yours! πŸ™‚

By the way, I told you that there is no such thing as “techie” problems in the very beginning of this post…

I hope I proved my point- but what’s most important is what you need to get rid of…excuses!

stop excuses, just start executing!

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Thanks for sharing your time with WPGetStarted Website and me of course…

One last thing I would appreciate if you can like and share this guide with your friends and family, this will help me get some traffic and hopefully get viral – seems impossible but hey, it’s worth a shot! Thanks!;)

Appreciate you! Take Care! And create your Beautiful WordPress website!πŸ™‚ 

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Blogs @ | WPGetStarted
Gary is the founder of the WPGetStarted website, he is a blogger and an online marketer. Gary likes to work with WordPress and likes to look for ways to simplify complicated website building. He hopes to share these simple methods on this website and hope to help a lot of aspiring bloggers.
Blogs @ | WPGetStarted
Gary is the founder of the WPGetStarted website, he is a blogger and an online marketer. Gary likes to work with WordPress and likes to look for ways to simplify complicated website building. He hopes to share these simple methods on this website and hope to help a lot of aspiring bloggers.
Latest Posts
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  • buy domain name cheap

Blogs @ | WPGetStarted
Gary is the founder of the WPGetStarted website, he is a blogger and an online marketer. Gary likes to work with WordPress and likes to look for ways to simplify complicated website building. He hopes to share these simple methods on this website and hope to help a lot of aspiring bloggers.
Blogs @ | WPGetStarted
Gary is the founder of the WPGetStarted website, he is a blogger and an online marketer. Gary likes to work with WordPress and likes to look for ways to simplify complicated website building. He hopes to share these simple methods on this website and hope to help a lot of aspiring bloggers.
Latest Posts
  • siteground hosting
  • namecheap
  • serpstat
  • buy domain name cheap

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